Monday, November 19, 2007

Cubes with nuts

For the recipe it is required to you:
- A flour - 400 g
- Honey - 170 g
- Oil creamy - 150 g
- An egg (yolk) - 3 piece.
- Soda - 5 g
- Juice and a dried peel of half of lemon
- Cinnamon - is a little
- Jam crimson - 150 g

For albuminous foam:
- An egg (fiber) - 3 piece.
- Nuts (pounded) - 100 g
- Sand sugar - 100 g.

Directly on a board it is mixed slightly heated up oil with a flour and soda. We add yolks, honey, spices, a dried peel and juice of a lemon. We get mixed up a homogeneous dough, we unroll a layer which it is dimmed slightly greased by oil baking tray. We smear from above with crimson jam, then it is spread albuminous foam with nuts. Now we put in an oven and we bake on average fire up to golden color. When the cake will cool down, we cut it on cubes.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chocolate pie with apricots

For the recipe it are required to you:
- A butter - 125 g
- White chocolate (broken) - 170 g
- An egg - 4 piece.
- Powdered sugar - 125 g
- A flour - 200 g
- A baking powder - 1 st.l.
- Salt - 1 pinch
- Dried apricots (cut) - 100 g

To oil the square form for a pie with the party of 20 sm and to lay a paper for a batch. To kindle oil and chocolate in the big bowl put on a saucepan with boiling water, and to stir slowly, while the mix does not become homogeneous and brilliant. To set aside and give it is a little to cool down. To shake up eggs and powdered sugar with a mix of oil and chocolate. To add a flour, a baking powder, salt and the cut dried apricots, to mix.

To pour a dough in the prepared form and to bake in an oven at 180С within 25-30 minutes. In the middle turned out flat dry shortbread it can be still thinnish, but it will stiffen while cools down. To give to cool down in the form.

When the pie completely will cool down, to get it from the form and to cut on squares.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pie "Ant hill"

For preparation of a pie it is required to you:
- A butter (or margarine) - 250 g
- Sour cream - 100 g
- A flour - 750-1000 g
- The cooked condensed milk - 1 bank
- Grated chocolate for dressing compound.

To mix 200 g the kindled butter (or margarine) with 100 g sour creams and 3-4 glasses of a flour. The received dough to put on one hour per a refrigerator. Then pass a dough through a meat grinder and lay it on greased with oil baking tray . Ready flat dry shortbread knead on slices. In the cooked condensed milk add 50 g a butter (or margarine) and all this weight mix with slices flat dry shortbread . Slices lay on a dish a hill and strew grated chocolate.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pie from a zephyr

For the recipe it are required to you:
- A zephyr - 500 g.
- A butter - 200 g.
- Creamy margarine - 200 g.
- The condensed milk - 1 bank
- An egg (yolk) - 2 piece.
- Nuts (дробленые) - 100 g.
- A rum essence - to taste
- Juice - 1 lemon
- Wafers
- Berries from jam.

To prepare for a cream: oil and margarine of room temperature to shake up a nimbus (Mixer), gradually adding the condensed milk (Or cocoa), cooked during 2 hours, and yolks. To add some drops of a rum essence, citric juice, crushed nuts and thoroughly to mix. A bottom forms cover wafers to lay out half of prepared cream, then to lay densely one to another a zephyr, to cover with the rest of a cream, to level top, To cover with wafers and to cool.

Then to lay out a pie on a dish, top and sides to sprinkle crushed with nuts, to decorate with berries from jam and half at nuts.